Sunday, 11 January 2015

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

There was only one element of this book I didn't like.

Simon Snow.

I love and adore Harry Potter but I didn't feel like they had a whole lot in common. Sure, there was a school and magic and... yeah. But both of those things are also in The Worst Witch and that's not Harry Potter either.

I felt a little jarred out of my reading haze by the passages from Simon Snow as well. Which probably says more about me than the book, but there you go.

Other than the Simon Snow thing I loved Fangirl!

I loved the way Cath didn't grow out of fandom like people do in fan books. They fall in love and suddenly their fandoms are silly and childish and that annoys the heck out of me because a) fanning all over things is what I DO and b) surely it isn't healthy to suddenly have a boy/girlfriend and have everything you used to be obsessed with just fall away?

I know. And don't call you Shirley.

I did like the way Wren... ok, this is going to be spoilerific, but I loved the way Wren grew out of fandom and then grew back into it. It reminded me a little of Pokemon. (Which is something I like.) (Big surprise there.) You know, how Pokemon used to be massive. And then it died away a little... AND THEN IT CAME BACK! And we were all old enough to stop going 'For babies' and start going 'Actually this is pretty cool...' again.

I thought it was really well done and I enjoyed the book. I used to write fanfic too, albeit not popular fanfic, but I know the whole I-AM-SO-BEHIND-ON-POSTING thing. It is an old friend of mine.

I enjoyed relating to this book.

This review isn't making any sense so I'll leave it there.

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