Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year, new nothing!

In wild contrast with how I feel about christmas, I hate new year with a passion.

I'm not wild on change (see previous posts for more of my not keenness on change) and beginnings scare the heck out of me so new year with the newness and the resolutions and the get togethers and the "new year new me" and "remove toxic people from your life!" stuff makes me ever so slightly hugely anxious.

Mostly because I'm terrified people will find out I am a toxic people and I'll be left.

Joy, right?

Only this year we're having a quiet family thing and by quiet I mean it is now quarter to midnight and I'm sitting in my room watching Supernatural (season 9 on the 6th January! YAY!) with my parents downstairs and my sister off at a party. So if it got much quieter the apocalypse would have occurred.

I also tend to break resolutions like I'm being paid to do so. And I've tried and tried and basically this year I'm not bothering.

Ooh, fireworks. Already?

Ruffelina's not a fan by the way, but she can cope more or less once she's used to them. We have neighbours who love their fireworks so that works out quite well for us.

So next year I suspect I'll be the same old me.

Ah well.

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